Our offer

DDK Production

With the help of experienced mentors and peer education, young people participate in the production of interactive digital content based on their own ideas, templates or needs of DDK partners.

DDK Education

Through workshops and guest appearances by designers, developers, artists, storytellers, psychologists, producers, UX experts and so, DDK members and associates acquire and share the knowledge needed to create quality and interactive digital content.

DDK Social Hub

Part of the space is intended for lectures and workshops on digital and non-digital topics for young people, activists, informal groups, entrepreneurs and start-ups in order to empower them and optimize online communication and accelerate their ideas.


About DDK

DDK is a joint non-profit venture of the 5th Dimension software company from Sarajevo with 30 years of experience in developing IT solutions and services, and the Public Interest Advocacy Center registered in 2009 with the aim of increasing civic involvement in democratic processes, advocacy, education and empowerment of citizens and civil society. In terms of form, it is a private - civic partnership that intends to become a private - civic - public partnership in the long run, which, with the cooperation of all three sectors, will offer quality programs for young people, inside and outside the formal education system in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What we offer?

  • We offer safe, comfortable and stimulating environment to young people, where they will be able to acquire new and useful knowledge, and create a habit to work independetnly, as well as in teams.

  • We offer our partners the space to experiment, develop new digital products and services through participatory work with young people, beta testing of new digital products, staff education, custom solution creating, community management, digital marketing and PR, creating and implementation of CSR programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • We offer donors the development and implementation of advocacy, education, promotion, work with vulnerable categories, research, analysis and policy making, big data projects, human rights, anti-discrimination and anti-corruption projects. The Special Department of DDK deals with the research, collection, verification and analysis of data on public sector revenues and expenditures in BiH.