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Nintendo amusement park in Osaka is open!

The first Super Nintendo World will open in Osaka, with branches being built in the US and Singapore. Nintendo will give each visitor a special smart bracelet to help them track content and participate in sweepstakes Powered by Super Nintendo World's digital technology, the expansion of Universal Studios in Japan is one of the most interesting novelties out there - especially if you're a fan of games and gadgets. The amusement park, which will open the door ahead of the start of this year's Tokyo Olympics, will give visitors special "Power up Bands" bracelets that sync with your smartphone app and digitally track activities as you walk around the park and try out attractions. The first voice on the system comes from Bloomberg, whose co-worker Kurumi Mori attended a cross-section during which Nintendo explained how the park works. A short recap of the material: A new Atari console, not the same Atari that went bankrupt in 2013, was announced back in 2017 and should be called Ataribox to eventually be renamed Atari VCS. The product was supposed to be launched in mid-2019, but by this time, not only was it not ready for packaging, it was not even in the assembly stage on the conveyor belt in China.

Atari VCS is currently in the pre-production phase of creating dev kit versions of the console - those that go into the hands of game makers. The console interface is still working on the first shots - it's far from complete.

However, according to Atari in the last update on the official site, the next few weeks of production may be affected by coronavirus. Of course, their hardware is manufactured and agreed in China, and if the situation remains problematic after 10/22, it will be a confirmation that Atari VCS will once again experience a delay and delay in production that has not actually started yet.

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