About DDK

DDK is a joint non-profit enterprise of 5th dimension company from Sarajevo, which works in software development for 25, and Foundation Center for Civil Interest Representation CPI from Sarajevo, registered at the state level in 2009.


Change the game!

Through the planned activities: gaming center, hacklab, makerspace, SF club, creative writing workshops, board and computer games, audio, video and motion capture studio, lectures and seminars in the Digital House of Culture, we offer young people through individual learning and team work with mentors acquire practical knowledge, identify their interests and specialize and work in some of the techniques and disciplines needed to develop interactive online content, games, applications, platforms. We give them the opportunity to become, in a short time, the ones who will impart knowledge and experience to their peers or to future generations. We are experimenting with work and learning methods and strive to format and prove what is proven in practice, either in a regular education system or in other similar centers in local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To succeed in this, we are building a network of partners, individuals and organizations, from the private and public sectors, from the country, the region and the world, with whom we will change the game together and accelerate positive changes in the lives of individuals, communities and the entire society.